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You're an author, not a marketer.

And your newsletter can't be your full-time job.

You know you’re supposed to email your list regularily. Everyone says so. And as your resident newsletter ninja (hello!) I’m here to tell you they’re right.

But what are you supposed to email them ABOUT?

Now that is where things get harder. You need a story to tell, a solid segue, and a CTA to buy your books—but not too “salesy” of a CTA, because that might drive them away.

So, here you are, staring at a blank page counting down the hours until you absolutely HAVE to send your newsletter. Because you really do have to, even though you’d rather be writing anything else.

There has to be a better way… One that doesn’t steal so much of your precious writing time, while still letting you build a list of fans who can support your author career.

It's time to put your emails on autopilot.


Let Newsletter Ninja help you

Stop fighting with your emails

Spend Less Time Stressing About Your Newsletter

Sure, you know you need to email more often—but the pressure of writing emails leaves you panicked and stressed, and usually pressing “send” at the very last moment.

It’s time to break that cycle! With EOA, you’ll get the tools you need to reclaim your time; so you can spend less of it worrying about your newsletter and more of it writing what you love.

Build a List That Actually Wants to Hear From You

What if you could create a ride-or-die group of superfans, all thanks to some carefully crafted emails?

By leveraging EOA’s library of pillar topics, you’ll know exactly what to say and when to get readers invested in you as an author—just like they’re invested in your characters!

Stop Wasting Hours Stuck on a Blank Page

Coming up with new emails (not to mention social media posts and ad copy) can be just as hard as writing your next novel—if not harder.

That’s why EOA is packed with ideas, from our Monthly Content Calendar, to email templates and sample emails. Because you have better things to do than stare at a blank page.

Create Must-Have Emails with the Push of a Button

The coolest part of EOA (and the part our members are most excited about) is our suite of AI-powered prompts and copy generators!

Plug in key info about your book, and the generator will return a completed email, social post, or Facebook ad. It’s like having your own personal copywriter.

68% Of People Prefer Email Over Social Media

When it comes to hearing from authors we love, email wins out over social media (and especially online ads) every time. If you want to connect with readers, email is the way to do so.

An Email Is 5X More Likely to Be Seen than a Facebook Post

In just a few hours, your social media post will be shoved to the bottom of the pile. In contrast, your emails are sent directly to readers—making them far more likely to actually read it.

58% Of People Check Their Email First Thing in the Morning

Email is a routine for most of us, and that's just as true for your readers. Whereas only 14% of people check social media in the morning, email is often our first line of communication.

Over 200 Authors Are Powering Up Their Emails with EOA

Of course, emailing without a strategy isn't much better than drowning Twitter in links to your book. That's why so many authors are using EOA to level up their email-writing skills!


Meet Your Ninja

Since I was young, I’ve been fascinated by two things: writing and computers.

I built custom HTML fansites back in the 90s (I’m a superfan of many things) and have been publishing novels for almost a decade. This all led to the founding of Newsletter Ninja, a hub for authors looking to write better emails and find superfans of their own.

Unfortunately, those passions rarely seemed to connect.

At least until Emails on Autopilot.

This is the heart of EOAa way for writers to leverage my experience with writing and tech so they can write compelling emails faster, and spend more time on their novels.

With dozens of one-on-one clients big and small, as well as almost a thousand students under my wing, I can honestly say I have eyeballs on more author newsletters than anyone in publishing. And I’m so happy I get to use those eyes to pinpoint all the ways you can write better emails and further your author career!

XO Tammi 🥷🏼

Everything Inside EOA

What's in the box?

Monthly Templates and Sample Emails

Every month, you’ll unlock new email templates, samples, and guides to help you write stellar newsletters for your readers!

Pillar Topics and Email Best Practices

To build loyal fans, there are a few emails you’ll need to send. Our Pillar Topics will show you exactly how to write these powerhouses emails!

Monthly Content Calendar

Head on over to our Content Calendar, where you’ll find prompts, holidays, Canva templates, and tons of ideas to fuel your emails.

Live AMAs Twice a Month

Join Tammi for an AMA twice a month! This is the perfect place to get your email writing and strategy questions answered, big or small.

Email Audits With Tammi

Submit your emails to our Email Audits, and get Tammi’s personalized feedback and critique of your work.

Live Coworking Sessions

Need accountability to get your emails done? Join our coworking sessions every month to write alongside other EOA authors.

AI Email and Copy Generators*

Plug in key info about your books, and our custom AI prompts will give you emails, social media posts, and ad copy in your voice.

*But wait, what's all this talk of AI?

By now, you’ve probably noticed me mention AI a few times. Hundreds of news stories have been written about ChatGPT alone, and there’s been a lot of worry about how it might destroy life as we know it. Fortunately, this isn’t Skynet we’re dealing with. ChatGPT is more similar to autofill than the Terminator (cue a collective sigh of relief).

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some valid concerns—especially among authors.

Many outside the author community are cheering about how AI can churn out novels with ease, so they can get past the “boring parts of writing” and on to the fun part: marketing.

Personally? I think that’s nonsense.

When I imagine the future, I see robots taking over the frustrating tasks in our lives, like laundry—freeing up more time for writing, not less. There isn’t one single piece of the book writing process that I want to outsource.

Marketing though? Yeah, let the robots do that! 🤖

That’s why I’m all-in on these new AI tools. Not to replace us, but to give us space to do what we love. AI is pretty good at writing marketing copy. And, so long as you have the right prompts, it can write competent emails too.

But you’re an author. Not a prompt engineer.

That’s the tricky part. If you haven’t noticed yet, us authors are a unique bunch! That’s why most internet marketers can’t teach you to write prompts like they claim. They don’t understand what we do or how to market our stories.

That’s why I created these tools for you—easy-to-use generators that could spit out a nearly-complete email in your style and voice. And while I was at it, I made tools to generate ad copy and social media captions too! That’s all your marketing copy, done and dusted in minutes rather than hours.

Because again, this is about giving you more time to do what matters most.

And that is writing awesome novels!

Basic Edition

The original Emails on Autopilot, the only email marketing content membership created specifically for authors by an author!
$ 9
  • Monthly Email Templates and Sample Emails
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Canva Templates (Email and Social Media)
  • Email Component Swipes
  • Monthly Quick Pick Topics and Prompts
  • Bi-Monthly Pillar Topics
  • Bonus: Bi-Weekly Live AMAs
  • Bonus: Email Audits and Live Coworking Sessions
  • Bonus: Storybanking Walkthrough
  • Bonus: Anatomy of an Email Training
    (coming May 2023)

Cyborg Edition

Check back for the next phase of Emails on Autopilot later in 2024.
$ 19
  • The BETA for Cyborg Edition has closed. Check back in 2024 for updates.

  • AI-Powered Writing Style Evaluator
  • AI-Powered Review Request Email Generator
  • AI-Powered Book Recommendation Email Generator
  • AI-Powered Facebook Ad Copy Generator
  • AI-Powered Amazon Ad Copy Generator
  • AI-Powered Social Media Caption Generator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything to Know About EOA

Emails On Autopilot is service-independent; it doesn’t matter what email marketing service you use. Current members use Mailerlite, Convertkit, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Drip, Flodesk, Sendfox, and a few I’m probably forgetting!

We have both generic templates and genre-specific templates. And if your genre is not represented, just put in a request and we’ll add your genre to the list of those we include when we create new templates!

We vary the schedule of the live calls each time, so that any time zone should be covered at least once every couple of months. And all calls are recorded and posted for viewing by members who couldn’t attend live.

Yes, but the vast majority of our Canva templates work with the free plan. You do not need a paid plan to use the EOA content.

No, you’ll write the emails yourself — but with help!

With EOA Basic Edition, you’ll use the templates, prompts, and other content to guide you in writing your own emails, start to finish.

With EOA Cyborg Edition, you’ll answer a series of questions and the AI generator will produce a first draft email — still not 100% done, but most of the time you’ll only have to zhuzh it up a little to perfectly fit your voice.

The first generator in the Cyborg Edition of EOA is actually a style analyzer. This will help the AI produce something as close to your voice as possible. From there, our tutorials and videos will help you clean & polish your results, and you can get further feedback in our bi-weekly calls or via an Email Audit.

No. The AI generator uses the content you provide, combined with the prompts Tammi has written for EOA, to assemble and draft an email that follows best practices for author newsletters — just like a hired copywriter would.

No. We have chosen not to allow any data processed through our forms to be used in this way.

No, your information is used to generate content during your current session only. Once you leave the page, your data is purged from the form and database, ensuring it remains private to you.

Some folks have asked us to allow them to save their content between sessions, so we’re working on that, but when we roll it out it will be opt-in.

Nope! We are using our own API connection and have built that cost into the membership.

No problem at all! Choose Join EOA Basic Edition up above and you’ll get access to every element of the membership except the AI-powered generators — and at the lowest possible price!

What are you waiting for?

I get it. Writing interesting emails for your readers involves a lot of pressure, and brings up a lot of nagging questions. What should you say? What if you’re not very interesting? What if they don’t really care, either about you or your books?

But the truth is, your readers do want to hear from you!

You just need to know what to say.

That’s why I want to welcome you into Emails on Autopilot. Because rather than obsessing over how to write a newsletter, I plan to help you write emails with easeso you can spend more time publishing novels you love, while building a list of superfans who love them too.